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50 Years of Togetherness

This year, India and Bangladesh celebrate 50 years of the establishment of their diplomatic ties and Bangladesh commemorates 50 years of its liberation. For the first time, the Bangladesh Armed Forces contingent comprising 122-members will participate in India’s Republic Day Parade on January 26. 

Bangladesh military contingent that will participate in the Republic Day parade on January 26. Photos from Press Release of Directorate of Public Relations, Ministry of Defence, India.

Republic Day marks India’s adoption of it’s Constitution in 1950 and this year’s special participation commemorates Bangladesh’s freedom struggle and the war efforts of the Bangladesh muktijoddhas (“liberation warriors”), led by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. India was an active ally in that effort through which Bangladesh ceased to be “East Pakistan” and became the independent country of Bangladesh, on December 16, 1971, when the Pakistan Armed Forces surrendered to the joint forces of Bangladesh and its ally, India.

During the January 26, 2021 celebrations, the contingent of the Bangladesh military will march down the Indian capital’s Rajpath to the tune of “Shono Ekti Mujiborer Theke…” a popular patriotic song about the Bangladesh freedom struggle.

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