Fiction Series: Haunted

Haunted, Part 6

by Lekha Dey. Years passed. I was seventeen. It was on the night of the misty moon on the blue beach that the party took […]

Haunted, Part 5

by Lekha Dey. “Dad!” I tried to call my father but I couldn’t. I couldn’t utter a word.  I tried to speak, to scream but […]

Haunted, Part 4

by Lekha Dey. We drove along the banks of the river, the road following its course. On the front seat sat my father, who was […]

Haunted, Part 3

by Lekha Dey. There was very little time. There would be a knock on the door. Soon. The downstairs wooden door had no bell to […]

Haunted, Part 2

by Lekha Dey. I was alone in the house under the moonlight. In the mirror, dying flames of the candles flickered like reflection. White wax […]

Haunted, Part 1

by Lekha Dey. I live alone. In the two-story house under the moonlight. Silver beams, like liquid dreams, flood the balcony, bathe the window sills […]