Memories of Fading Days and the Road Ahead

In this series of articles, Cuckoo News documents the revival of a music genre, Bangla Khayal, by a musical genius, Kabir Suman.

Dusk falls over palms, sand, and the Caribbean Sea, Jamaica. Photo by Koli Mitra.

At dusk, on April 18, Kabir Suman writes: “The day draws to a close…..perhaps the twilight will return a memory or two….”

At dawn on April 19, Kabir Suman writes: “The morning comes back….beckoned by the call of the path that still lies ahead….”

From dawn to dusk, the lyrics flow…..sometimes the approaching night brings thoughts of “the end” and sometimes the approaching day brings thoughts of “another revival”.

Revival. Renewal. Regeneration. These are themes that lie at the heart of Kabir Suman’s compositions. After all, his endeavour to revive and keep alive a long lost tradition – the rendition of classical ragas in Bengali – has been, as he has reiterated time and again, “the goal” of his life.

April is the month of new beginnings. The month of the Bengali New Year – Poila Boishakh – the first day of the first month. It’s also spring in full swing, nature’s own season of renewal.

Kabir’s lyrics are a mesmerizing mix of nostalgia and newness.

A time for twilight and memories, yes. But also a time to wake up to the long, unfinished road ahead.

Blossoms of Springtime, Nature’s Renewal Ritual. Photo by Koli Mitra

Here are two of the audio clips, composed on April 18 and April 19, respectively:

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