Thirst and Quenching

In this series of articles, Cuckoo News documents the revival of a music genre, Bangla Khayal, by a musical genius, Kabir Suman.

Rainbow over Water. Photo by Koli Mitra

Lyrics by Kabir Suman (in the original Bengali):

Mati pran paye borshay/

Mati jol chay, jol chay

Shukno pukur jol chay/

Nuey pora gaach jol chay/

Purey jaoa ghash jol chay/

Puber batash jol chay….

The Lyrics translated:

The parched earth finds life in a touch of rain

The earth wants water

The dried-up pond wants water

The wilted tree wants water

The brunt up grass wants water

The eastern wind wants water. . . .

Trying to capture the ethereal beauty of the Bengali lyrics of Kabir Suman’s latest song in a different language is like trying to contain the vastness of rain in a bucket of water.  

But that is all that one can do to keep up with of a genius who continues to compose one dazzling ditty after another as odes to the rain, no sooner has monsoon arrived in the skies of Kolkata his beloved city.  

Raindrops in a Kolkata Pond. Photo by Dola Mitra

For Kabir, writing lyrics and setting it to music is not an occasional burst of inspiration. Like the steady showers of the rainy season, it happens every day. Sometimes it is a drizzle. Sometimes, a downpour.

“As per the daily quota, here is this morning’s offering,” he writes in a short message that he sends to his friends (read: fans) as accompaniment to an amazing audio clip, comprising his latest composition.

In the rain raga, Mian Mallar.

In lyrics that quenches thirst.

Sprinkled, as always, with his witty words.

Splashed with seasonal splendour.

Kabir Suman

And, to quench your thirst for music, here is the audio clip.

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