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Winter-Harvest Festival of Lohri Underway, Even As Farm-Bill Protest Rages On

Reporting from Singhu Border during the Lohri festival. Photo courtesy of Sujan Dutta.

Indian farmers have been protesting a set of new agriculture laws proposed by the government. The three bills, collectively known as “Indian agriculture acts of 2020” have been criticized as favoring corporate interests at the expense of farmers. Demonstrators have burned copies of the farm bill as a show of their disapproval. As the agitation continues, on the eve of its fiftieth day, farmers gathered at the Singhu border between Delhi and the neighboring state of Haryana and celebrated the festival of “Lohri.” It marks the longest night of the winter as well as a good crop.

Cuckoo News is on the ground, reporting the developments first hand. For more, listen to the audio link below or visit our video channel.

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