Luminous in Lockdown

Lockdowns have closed everything from beauty parlours to book shops. But like a breath of fresh air in these choking times these lovely ladies (and a few gorgeous gentlemen) have turned to their own home remedies, readings, and other indoor activities to stay beautiful and brainy… in a word, Luminous.

In this series, they share their secrets with Cuckoo News’s global readers.

Today’s Offer: Tips From The Lady With A Lovely Motto: “Keep Calm, Keep Cleanin’ and Keep Cookin’ .”

By Moushumi B. Ghosh

Lockdown has been all about getting down and dirty. To catch up with my ever-elusive workouts, I just work the floor, work the dishes and work the clothes and voila I’m all maintained. 

No help? No sweat. Actually, a lot of sweat. Sweeping, swabbing, dishwashing, laundry.

While I’m at it, I put on a face pack of besan (gram flour) and curd for half an hour. Wash and spritz some rose water on my face. This way it is squeaky clean and hydrated too.

Twice a week I make a hair pack using curd, eggs, lemon juice, almond oil and coconut oil. Keep this on while doing all the chores and wash off with a mild shampoo. My hair is shining and soft.

And of course my motto is Keep Calm and Cooking. Rustling up great dishes has meant Baking and that has been one of the most gratifying experiences as far as the family is concerned. Happiness, much like the delicious aroma emanating from the oven, has been wafting around the house.  That has helped in staying positive.

Not to forget, after ALL the handwashing, I keep applying oil, (coconut oil, olive oil, even mustard oil, on my hands to keep them from drying out).

Done with beautifying the figure, the face, the hair and the hands, I deserve to curl up with a good book.

Right now it’s “The Boy in the Striped Pyajamas,” by John Boyne.

(A media marketing professional with a penchant for travel and culinary perfection, Moushumi B. Ghosh is an avid lover of dogs and romantic books/films. In that order.)

Caution: This article contains personal beauty rituals shared by our contributors. It is not an endorsement or recommendation by Cuckoo News. Before starting any new regimen, you should consult your healthcare professional.

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  1. Dear Mousumi … very well written …. very positive and inspiring
    Will wait to read more


  2. Nice read Moushumi..Most of your regimen resonated with me and what i do on a daily basis. Always believed in simple sustainable rituals rooted in my traditions. Keep well and luminous!


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