Our Team

Dola Mitra, is the Editor-in-Chief of Cuckoo News. Formerly of Outlook Magazine and The Telegraph, she has worked as a reporter, editor and political analyst covering Indian and international news for two decades. Her reporting has included deep crisis areas in Myanmar, North East India, and Maoist strongholds in India.

Koli Mitra, is the Global Editor of Cuckoo News. She is an attorney and writer-editor based in New York City, with a background in finance, political theory, and constitutional law. She has previously edited/written for Kindle Magazine and Bloomberg BNA, among others.

Sujan Dutta, is “A Very Special Correspondent” of Cuckoo News. A Delhi-based journalist, Sujan has been reporting on some of the most dangerous conflicts and crises from across the Indian subcontinent and West Asia for more than 30 years (including the wars in Kargil, Iraq and Afghanistan).

Sehba Imam is a contributor to Cuckoo News. She is a Delhi-based television writer whose credits include such shows as “Great Indian Tamasha”, “Gustakhi Maaf” and “Galli Galli, Sim Sim.” She is also co-author of “Ocean to Ocean” and a Tedx speaker. 

Darienne Grey is a contributor to Cuckoo News and an attorney based in New York City. She has an academic background in art history and law. 

Kumar Tiku is a contributor to Cuckoo News and a 20-year veteran of the United Nations Development Programme, designing communication strategies for development initiatives in countries around the world. He is the author of Humans on the Run: Of Exiles and Asylums (Oxford U. Press), and is working on his next book, about climate/extreme weather events-induced global migration.

Mark Butterworth is a contributor to Cuckoo News and an entrepreneur with an extensive background in the international travel industry. Originally hailing from the U.K., he has a deep and lasting love for the Himalayan mountains and now makes his home in a secluded farm in Himachal Pradesh. He hikes to remote regions high in the hills and returns with tantalizing tales to tell us.