About Us

Dola Mitra, Editor of Cuckoo News

Why “Cuckoo News”?

Because all the serious-sounding domain names had been grabbed already. In this day and age of digital news portals what do you expect? Lucky for us, “cuckoo-news.com” was available. Because we are going to be a little cuckoo with our coverage. With almost every news publication, digital or print, claiming that they are the “first” to report on anything, we are gearing up to occupy the niche space of being amongst the “last”, if not the least, to cover something. That is, if we do so at all.

Sure, we will try to “break” news, but we’re unlikely to do it at a break-neck speed. Also, the cuckoo being a bird, we are disqualified from taking part in the rat-race.

In fact, this is a good time to declare, also, that we don’t – and under the circumstances, we CAN’T – take ourselves all that seriously.

“But why specifically Cuckoo News?” you could persist. “Why not, say, ‘The Tardy Times’ or the “Evening’s Events…Eventually” or perhaps even “The Also-Ran Post” or its cousin concern “The Also-Ran from Pillar to Post”…to convey the magnitude of our insignificance with equal conviction?

Ok, fine. There IS a story behind it. “Cuckoo News” WAS actively sought out.

I thought the domain name of a personal digital news portal ought to be, well, personal. And as far as getting personal is concerned, nothing beats the nickname. The one bestowed upon me was Kuhu, which in Bengali means the call of the Cuckoo bird. Though it was no doubt intended to conjure up the mellifluous lilt of the exotic springtime song with which it is associated in the vernacular, I was convinced, increasingly, that I was living up to the word’s English language connotations. So that’s the “cuckoo” part. And, as a journalist, news is kind of the business I am in. I know about deadlines, headlines, bylines and when not to cross the line, etc. Hence: Cuckoo News.

Friends and family have tried to find deeper meaning and chimed in with their own justifications for why Cuckoo News.

“Cuckoos are irreverent,” said Sujan, senior journalist. He has agreed to write for Cuckoo News on the condition he be given the designation “a very special correspondent ”. Talk about being cuckoo.

“Cuckoos are clever,” said Anuradha, another senior journalist and part of the Cuckoo News inner-nest.

“Cuckoos are birds. Cuckoo News can have a bird’s eye view of global issues,” said Koli, the Global Editor of Cuckoo News.

Everyone agreed that the world itself is a little crazy…a little cuckoo…so “Let Cuckoo News be chirpings on a wacky world,” said Koli.

That’s why Cuckoo News.